Exhibit Etiquette

Posted on December 22, 2011 by Cory

At the Highlands Museum & Discovery Center, we have a few rules that are put in place to keep our visitors and exhibits safe. We need your help to make sure the objects on display are around for many more visitors!

Eating and drinking is only allowed in certain areas. Please check at the admission desk. If you need lunch space for a group, please call ahead to make a reservation. There is no additional charge.

Photography is allowed unless otherwise posted. Light is damaging to most objects, so please look to make sure there is no sign posted at the beginning of the exhibit or by the object.

Touching The museum has exhibits that are for our eyes to explore as well as interactive areas where visitors can use their hands to feel or play with objects. We need your help to keep the items on display safe! If you see ropes or “Do not touch” signs, items in that exhibit are for our eyes only. Please respect all exhibits and items on display.

Horseplay, Noise, Running For the safety of our visitors and our exhibits, there is no running or horseplay allowed in the museum. To respect other visitors, please help your children refrain from screaming or yelling.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Please see a staff member at the admission desk with any questions.