Educational Programming at the Highlands Museum

The Highlands Museum & Discovery Center offers a variety of educational experiences designed to reach students of all ages.  Here at the museum we believe that learning is a life-long process.  Our educational experiences are aimed at multi-generational audiences.  From historical exhibits to the Discovery Center and workshops, there are learning opportunities for everyone to experience.


The Highlands Museum & Discovery center preserves and exhibits over 11,000 historical artifacts.  It is also home to an interactive children’s Discovery Center and a newly opened Space Science Hall.  There is a lot to see and do at the Highlands.  The museum offers three types of tours to help students get the most out of their experience:

  • Self-Guided-Museum staff will provide a short introduction. The group then conducts their own tour of all areas of the museum.
  • Semi-Guided-Groups are taken to each of the three floors of the museum and given a brief synopsis before being released to explore that individual floor on their own.
  • Fully-Guided- Groups will be given an in-depth tour of exhibits on the all three floors of the museum.


The Scoop on Ice Cream

Grades: K-8

Have you ever wondered how one of our favorite frozen treats is made? It actually has a lot to with science! Let’s explore what ingredients it takes to make ice cream and the science behind what makes it yummy.

Students participating in The Scoop in Ice Cream will:

  • Ask questions and make observations about why types of physical or chemical changes are occurring when ice cream in made.
  • Identify the different ingredients for ice cream and the roles they play in creating the frozen treat.
Slimy Science

Grades: 3-8

Slime is stretchy, sticky, and fun. Let’s investigate and talk about different types of slime and then make some of your own to take home.

Students participating in Slimy Science will:

  • Students will make observations and ask questions about different types of slime to determine if slime is a solid, liquid, or something else (!?).
  • Students will investigate the unique properties of slime to gain a better understanding of what makes slime so different and fun!
Flying Frenzy

Grades: 2-8

What does it take to make an airplane fly? What forces help keep an airplane in the air. Let’s construct a paper airplane and see just how far we can make it fly.

Students participating in Flying Frenzy will:

  • Construct a paper airplane and test its flying capabilities.
  • Identify problems with their paper airplane. Use the for principles of flight, students will re-engineering their paper airplane to see if it flying capabilities have improved.
School Daze

Grades: 2-6

Has school always looked the way it does now? Experience “School Daze”, one of the museum’s most popular exhibits, in a whole new way. Students will get to experience a school life during the era of the one room schoolhouse.

Mr. Potato Head’s Five Senses

Grades: Pre-K-2

Let’s investigate and explore our five senses while building our favorite spud.

Scheduling a Field Trip

We hope you will consider the Highlands Museum & Discovery Center for your school’s or organization’s next field trip.  The cost will be $3.50 per student/attendee.  Teachers and staff members are free.  Any parents/guardians accompanying your group will receive a discounted admission rate of $3.50.  Lunch space is available for your group if needed.  Please select the tour appropriate for your group or call for more information on what would suit your group’s needs for the best museum experience.

For more information or to book your visit contact Chelsey Mayo, Education Director, at or call 606-329-8888.